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12 December 2008 @ 04:52 pm
rec list add ons  
This will be the master post for adding fics to the rec list.

NO exclusions. This rec list includes both Schneiderverse fandoms (Drake & Josh and iCarly) and all pairings (crack included), all ratings, all anything. Posts can be LiveJournal, Fanfiction.net, or anywhere else.

Once a story has three recs, it will be added to the list.

How To Add A Rec:
Post The name of the story, the author, the fandom/pairing and the link to the story. YOU MUST HAVE A LINK!!!


Opposites Attract by folkloric_feel - Drake & Josh, Drake/Josh

If you are seconding or thirding a rec, just simply write the story name and the author, along with your vote status.


Opposites Attract by folkloric_feel, seconded!

What has already been added:

Drake & Josh Fandom

Gen/OC Pairing

The Quality of Darkness by gatorgrrl Drake/OC [votes: 2]
Seasons Change (And So Did I) by mochacola gen [votes: 1]


A Little Extortion by last_imperatrix [votes: 3]
The Best Man by asteroidbuckle [votes: 3]
Bound To Be Awhile by jannika [votes: 3]
Drake Thinks by bilyk [votes: 1]
gamble everything for love (what I'm looking for) by lunarwolfik [votes: 2]
Gotta Give It Up Where Credit's Due by jannika [votes: 2]
How We Take What We're Given by jannika [votes: 3]
Just by easybeing_green [votes: 2]
Knit One, Purl Two by poisonivory [votes: 2]
Not This Way by stttmsbwa [votes: 2]
Opposites Attract by folkloric_feel [votes: 2]
Out of the Closet and into Your Arms by bsloth [votes: 1]
Please Please Me by therubyone [votes: 1]
Separation Anxiety by mizzmarvel and poisonivory [votes: 3]
Stress Relief by sheneversaid [votes: 1]
tony is the best p.a. ever by lizzypaul [votes: 1]
Touch Me bilyk [votes: 1]
Unexpected Places by amberdowny [votes: 2]
untitled shower scene by bilyk [votes: 1]

Josh/Mindy - Drake/Mindy

Motored by eumonigy - Drake/Mindy, Josh/Mindy [votes: 2]


Interruptions by likecharity [votes: 1]



Muse Lost by heyjudelove gen [votes: 1]
Of Drunken Aunts and Hospital Visits by icitall gen [votes: 1]
Sacrifices by jannika gen [votes: 1]


Congratulations by squishycool [votes: 1]
Educational Reading by heyjudelove [votes: 1]
The Joys of Slash by heyjudelove [votes: 2]
P.S. I Love You by drosier [votes: 1]
Study Date by easybeing_green [votes: 1]


You'll Turn Into A Mystery by jannika [votes: 1]


A Pretty Good One by easybeing_green Drake Parker/Josh Peck (RPS) [votes: 1]
At The Time, by stttmsbwa Drake/Spencer, Drake/Josh [votes: 1]
Drinking Alone by jannika Drake/Spencer, Drake/Josh [votes: 1]
The Five Things RPS 'Verse by stttmsbwa - Drake Bell/Josh Peck, Drake Bell/Jerry Trainor (RPS) :
>Five Things Drake Bell Knows About Jerry Trainor [votes: 2]
>Five Things Josh Peck Knows About Drake Bell [votes: 2]
>Five Things Jerry Trainor Knows About Josh Peck [votes: 2]
>Best. Friend. Ever. [votes: 2]
>Pretending [votes: 2]
>Blame [votes: 2]
The Other Woman by jannika and stttmsbwa Drake Bell/Josh Peck, Drake Bell/Jerry Trainor (RPS) [votes: 1]
It's An Elephant! by easybeing_green Drake/Josh/Spencer [votes: 1]
Late Night Show by stttmsbwa Drake/Josh/Spencer [votes: 1]
Mesmerized by author_abz Drake/Spencer [votes: 1]
Reservations, by jannika Drake/Josh/Spencer [votes: 1]
Untitled by myxseeingxblood Drake/Spencer [votes: 2]
You, Two by stttmsbwa Drake Parker/Josh Peck, Drake Bell/Josh Nichols, Drake/Josh, Drake Bell/Josh Peck (RPS) [votes: 1]

Brenda Wickham (Squishy)squishycool on December 19th, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)
So, hope I'm doing this right...

Of Drunken Aunts and Hospital Visits by icitall, seconded!