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04 December 2008 @ 11:27 pm
SWIR: November 21-December 4, 2008  

This is the fifth edition of the Schneiderverse Week In Review. To watch the SWIR and other schneiderlist activities, click here .

All works that are posted within a 7-day time period within the communities (in this case, 14-day, since I gave myself a Thanksgiving break) drakexjosh, groovysmoothie, dans_backhouse, and idrakejosh will be arranged and included in the SWIR.

Friday November 21 - Thursday December 4, 2008


author_abz wrote Stewie (Sam/Spencer) [PG]
klutzy_girl wrote iGraduate (Freddie/Carly) [PG-13]
wh1tfuldr3amer wrote Let Them Eat Cake (Spencer/Sam) [PG-13]
eumonigy wrote Four Pieces of Five (Carly/Sam) [PG]
classicr0cker wrote If music be the food of love, play on... (Drake/Josh) [NC-17]
topiarymary wrote The Road You Left Behind (Drake/Josh) [R]
schilling_klaus wrote Megan's Identical Twin (Drake & Josh/iCarly crossover) [PG-13]
kenfaidar wrote Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend (Carly/Sam) [PG-13]
author_abz wrote To Make Him Happy (Spencer/Sam) [PG-13]
malzadoll wrote The Evil Ramifications of Pests and T-Shirts (Mrs. Benson/Spencer, Carly/Rodney, Sam/Gibby, Freddie/Duke) [PG]
klutzy_girl started and finished iAm Going Home with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, and Part 10 (Carly/Freddie, Freddie/Sam, Sam/Spencer) [PG-13]
thatjamiegirl wrote (Spencer/Sam) [PG-13]
squishycool wrote Bring Me The Horizon (Spencer/Sam) [PG]
mizufae finished Point and Click (Sam/Freddie) [PG]
stttmsbwa wrote Hug Me, Brotha (Drake/Josh) [R]
malzadoll wrote Destroyed Sheets {Drake/Josh/Spencer) [PG-13]
schilling_klaus wrote Mystery Diamonds (Megan/Nevel, Josh/Mindy, Drake/Ashley, Walter/Lewbert, Audrey/MrsBenson, Mrs.Heighfer/Mrs.Briggs) [PG-13, crossovers with Zoey 101 and Unfabulous]
folkloric_feel, jannika and stttmsbwa wrote Room For Three (Drake/Josh/Jerry) [NC-17, RPS]
minttown1 wrote Cloudless (Freddie/Sam) [PG-13]
poppyfields13 wrote Spencer's Adventures (Freddie/Sam) [PG-13]
squishycool wrote Seattle Sunrise (Spencer/Sam) [PG-13]
doily_fic wrote Puget Sound (Carly/Sam) [PG-13]
gatorgrrl wrote Ties (Drake and Josh, Josh/Mindy) [PG]
bilyk wrote Touch Me (Drake/Josh) [R]
buyo105 wrote Just One Thing I'm Askin' For (Drake/Josh) [PG-13]
lilysaid wrote Chemisty 101 (Drake/Josh) [R] [Editor's Rec]
schilling_klaus wrote iHeart Cotton Swabs (Spencer/Stacey, Freddie/Sam, Tareen/Drake, Valerie/Jonah) [PG-13, crossover with Zoey 101]
aergonaut wrote Grow Up (Freddie/Sam) [PG]
morlockiness wrote tell and i'll kill you (Freddie/Sam) [PG]
morlockiness wrote caught (Spencer/Sam) [PG-13]
icitall wrote Of Drunken Aunts and Hospital Visits
(Carly, Sam) [PG]
squishycool continued You Were There with Part 5(Spencer/Sam, Carly/Freddie) [PG-13]
schilling_klaus wrote Hell Freezing Over (Megan/Nevel/Gibby/Reuben, Freddie/Sam, Carly/Dustin, Spencer/Zoey, Quinn/Firewire) [PG-13, crossover with Zoey 101]
mizufae wrote Snow Drift (Sam/Freddie) [PG]
squishycool wrote Congradulations (Carly/Sam) [PG]
heyjudelove wrote Muse Lost (slight Spencer/Mrs. Benson) [PG]
buyo105 wrote On This Christmas Eve (Drake/Josh) [PG-13, drabble]
umbreons wrote It's A Song (Drake/Mindy, Josh/Mindy) [PG-13/R]
stttmsbwa wrote Not This Way (Drake/Josh) [R]


jannika made a picspam on the Drake & Josh episodes Dune Buggy and Helen's Surgery.
folkloric_feel made a batch of icons from the Drake & Josh episodes Dune Buggy and Helen's Surgery
folkloric_feel made a batch of Drake Bell icons
_kitera made a picspam of iCarly candids
author_abz made a picspam of the ship Spencer/Sam
folkloric_feel made a batch of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh icons
killerspork33 made a capspam of iCarly iPilot episode as well as a batch of icons
madeitsimple made a batch of icons that includes a variety of Drake and Josh
wh1tfuldr3amer made a bunch of Drake & Josh banners
amberdowny made a batch of Drake and Josh icons
quistis_gamgee made a banner
moirariordan made a capspam of Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
stttmsbwa made a batch of animated Drake & Josh icons
folkloric_feel made a batch of animated Drake & Josh icons


_icantbeperfect made an iCarly fanvid
wh1tfuldr3amer made a Carly/Sam fanvid
yuuten made an iCarly fanmix
okayceecee made a Spencer fanvid

Other News:

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Jamie: Spencer and Freddiethatjamiegirl on December 12th, 2008 11:35 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, I just went back and caught up on the news...and I hate to be a bratty brat, but you didn't link to the story I wrote. ;)