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19 December 2008 @ 01:44 am
SWIR: December 12- December 18  
This is the seventh edition of the Schneiderverse Week In Review. To watch the SWIR and other schneiderlist activities, click here .

All works that are posted within a 7-day time period within the communities drakexjosh, groovysmoothie, dans_backhouse, and idrakejosh will be arranged and included in the SWIR.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: schneiderlist is going to start a rec list! This includes both Schneiderverse fandoms (Drake & Josh and iCarly) and all pairings, all ratings, all anything. The way to get this list started is by contributing. Please see This Post for the rules to posting your recs. Thank you for helping us get organized!

Friday December 12 - Thursday December 18, 2008


lucy_writes wrote Does He Love You? (Spencer/Sam) [G]
abusing_sarcasm wrote A New Morning (Drake/Josh) [NC-17]
bilyk wrote Oral (Drake/Josh) [R]
mizufae started Crush and continued with Part Two and Part Three (Sam/Freddie) [G]
folkloric_feel wrote Best Christmas Ever (Drake/Josh) [R] [Editor's Rec]
gatorgrrl wrote Five Minutes (Drake/Josh) [PG-13]
jannika wrote Things Don't Always Go The Way You Planned (Drake/Josh) [R]
stttmsbwa wrote In Another World (Spencer/Josh, Drake/Josh) [PG-13, AU]
briecheesie wrote About You Now (Drake/Josh) [PG-13]
quistis_gamgee continued This Is Me with Part Three (Drake/Josh) [R]
malzadoll wrote Megan's Tell-All (Drake/Josh, Josh/Megan) [R]
shortsweetsoul wrote You Wouldn't Be Running If Your Legs Weren't Broken (Freddie/Shane) [PG]
squishycool wrote What A Tree (Spencer/Sam) [G]
malzadoll wrote The Little Things (Freddie/Sam, Carly/Harper) [PG]
abusing_sarcasm wrote Two Days Later (Drake/Josh) [NC-17]
thatjamiegirl wrote Wake Up, Sam! (Sam/Spencer) [PG]
lilysaid wrote Always Stay The Same (Drake/Josh) [NC-17] [Editor's Rec]
briecheesie started The One With the Cosmic Mindfuck with Part One (Drake/Josh/Spencer) [PG-13] [Editor's Rec!!]
stttmsbwa wrote Drake Parker: A Closer Look (Drake/Josh) [R]
icitall wrote Toes & Missiles (Carly/Sam) [G]
schilling_klaus wrote The Potion (reddie/Sam, Carly/Dustin, Spencer/Zoey, Jake/Lola, Nevel/Quinn) [PG-13, crossover with Zoey 101]
malzadoll wrote Dirty Messages (Drake/Josh) [R]


keeraa made a batch of Merry Christmas Drake & Josh icons
wh1tfuldr3amer made a batch of iCarly iChristmas icons
jannika made a picspam of the iCarly iChristmas episode
aergonaut made 3 iCarly icons
overstreets made a batch of Drake Bell/Drake & Josh icons
morlockiness made a batch of iChristmas icons
thatjamiegirl made a batch of iCarly bases for icons
blackballoonxx made a batch of Drake Bell icons
folkloric_feel made a batch of Drake Bell in concert icons


folkloric_feel posted a podfic of Best Christmas Ever
wh1tfuldr3amer made a Miranda Fanvid

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and/or requests, just type away.